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I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.
Woody Allen

I am Sasha Samardzija, born and raised in Belgrade and since year 2000 have lived in The Netherlands. For me it feels like I was always connected with photography. My first memories about it was when I was maybe 4 years old – my father wanted to make a photo of me, but I wanted to hold the camera while he makes the photo, so it ended up with tears, as expected…

ClifsStarted early with film photography and made a small dark room, still can remember the smell of the developer and fixer from that time… For some time I resisted to move to digital, but curiosity prevailed, so early in years 2000 I started with digital photography, first with small,  prosumer cameras, and then went to Nikon D7000 and D750.

Since 2013, started with stock photography with the goal to sharpen my technical skills and get quick response from reviewers. It was a great experience, which gave me the new horizons and desire to further explore photography and myself, learn and observe my own reactions to the world and try to freeze them in the shape of a photograph.

I’m trying to unify my other passion – music, with photography, to find the similarity in frequencies and to feel the ones that resonate with me, and I find it mostly in natural beauties of our world – landscapes, architecture, animals, people…